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Fix logging call in SQS post_process_results (see #648)

This was used in an except: handler and would only be executed when a
load_all() queryset retrieved a model which wasn't registered with the
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1 parent 3c9a530 commit 8739e333133a7b495b88a3e41f17e75a009f5cfc @acdha acdha committed Feb 21, 2014
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@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ def post_process_results(self, results):
objects = index.read_queryset(using=self.query._using)
loaded_objects[model] = objects.in_bulk(models_pks[model])
except NotHandled:
- self.log.warning("Model '%s.%s' not handled by the routers.", self.app_label, self.model_name)
+ self.log.warning("Model '%s' not handled by the routers", model)
# Revert to old behaviour
loaded_objects[model] = model._default_manager.in_bulk(models_pks[model])

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