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Commits on Aug 21, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Merge pull request #1240 from speedplane/improve-cache-fill

    acdha authored
    Use a faster implementation of query result cache
  2. Use a faster implementation of this horrible cache. In my tests it ru…

    speedplane authored
    …ns much faster and uses far less memory.
Commits on Aug 10, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Merge pull request #1149 from lovmat/master

    acdha authored
    FacetedSearchMixin bugfixes and improvements
    * Updated documentation & example code
    * Fixed inheritance chain
    * Added facet_fields 
    Thanks to @lovmat for the patch
Commits on Jul 23, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Merge pull request #1232 from dlo/patch-1

    acdha authored
    Rename elasticsearch-py to elasticsearch in docs
    Thanks to @dlo for the patch
  2. @dlo
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Update wording in SearchIndex get_model exception

    acdha authored
    Thanks to Greg Brown (@gregplaysguitar) for the patch
    Closes #1223
  2. @acdha

    Allow failures on Python 2.6

    acdha authored
    Some of our test dependencies like Mock no longer support it. Pinning
    Mock==1.0.1 on Python 2.6 should avoid that failure but the days of
    Python 2.6 are clearly numbered.
  3. @acdha
  4. @acdha

    Use Travis’ matrix support rather than tox

    acdha authored
    This avoids a layer of build setup and makes the Travis
    console reports more useful
  5. @acdha

    Tests: update the test version of Solr in use

    acdha authored
    4.7.2 has disappeared from most of the Apache mirrors
  6. @gregplaysguitar
Commits on Jun 9, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Release 2.4.0

    acdha authored
Commits on Jun 8, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Merge pull request #1208 from ShawnMilo/patch-1

    acdha authored
    Fix a typo in the faceting docs
  2. @ShawnMilo

    possible typo fix

    ShawnMilo authored
    It seems that this was meant to be results.
  3. @acdha

    2.4.0 release candidate 2

    acdha authored
  4. @Koed00 @acdha

    Fix Django 1.9 deprecation warnings

    Koed00 authored acdha committed
    * replaced get_model with haystack_get_model which returns the right function depending on the Django version
    * get_haystack_models is now compliant with > Django 1.7
    Closes #1206
Commits on Jun 5, 2015
  1. @acdha
  2. @acdha

    v2.4.0 release candidate

    acdha authored
Commits on Jun 3, 2015
  1. @acdha

    Bump version to 2.4.0.dev1

    acdha authored
  2. @acdha
  3. @acdha

    Tests: update test object creation for Django 1.8

    acdha authored
    Several of the field tests previously assigned a related test model
    instance before saving it::
        mock_tag = MockTag(name='primary')
        mock = MockModel()
        mock.tag = mock_tag
    Django 1.8 now validates this dodgy practice and throws an error.
    This commit simply changes it to use `create()` so the mock_tag will
    have a pk before assignment.
  4. @acdha

    Update AUTHORS

    acdha authored
  5. @acdha
  6. @acdha

    Updating haystack to test against django 1.8

    acdha authored
    Updated version of @troygrosfield's patch updating the test-runner for
    Django 1.8
    Closes #1175
  7. @acdha
  8. @acdha

    Remove support for Django 1.5, add 1.8 to tox/travis

    acdha authored
    The Django project does not support 1.5 any more and it's the source of
    most of our false-positive test failures
  9. @acdha

    Use db.close_old_connections instead of close_connection

    acdha authored
    Django 1.8 removed the `db.close_connection` method.
    Thanks to Alfredo Armanini (@phingage) for the patch
  10. @benspaulding @acdha

    Fix mistake in calling super TestCase method

    benspaulding authored acdha committed
    Oddly this caused no issue on Django <= 1.7, but it causes numerous
    errors on Django 1.8.
  11. @benspaulding @acdha

    Correct unittest imports from commit e37c1f3

    benspaulding authored acdha committed
  12. @benspaulding @acdha

    Prefer stdlib unittest over Django's unittest2

    benspaulding authored acdha committed
    There is no need to fallback to importing unittest2 because Django 1.5
    is the oldest Django we support, so django.utils.unittest is guaranteed
    to exist.
  13. @benspaulding @acdha

    Prefer stdlib OrderedDict over Django's SortedDict

    benspaulding authored acdha committed
    The two are not exactly they same, but they are equivalent for
    Haystack's needs.
  14. @benspaulding @acdha

    Prefer stdlib importlib over Django's included version

    benspaulding authored acdha committed
    The app_loading module had to shuffle things a bit. When it was
    importing the function it raised a [RuntimeError][]. Simply importing
    the module resolved that.
  15. @acdha

    Docs: explain how field boosting interacts with filter

    acdha authored
    Thanks to @amjoconn for contributing a doc update to help newcomers
    Closes #1043
  16. @acdha

    Add tests for values/values_list slicing

    acdha authored
    This confirms that #1019 is fixed
Commits on May 29, 2015
  1. @acdha

    update_index: avoid gaps in removal logic

    acdha authored
    The original logic did not account for the way removing records
    interfered with the pagination logic.
    Closes #1194
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