Add a MongoDB backend? #265

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toastdriven commented Oct 20, 2010

MongoDB sprouted search functionality a few months ago. Investigate this.

askfor commented Oct 19, 2011

that would be great

Alir3z4 commented Apr 28, 2012

Oh this issue opened 2 years ago :|
Is there any progress on it?
It would be great, since there is also for mongodb.
Is django-haystack will use those tools from django-nonrel or gonna implement from built-in support from scratch ?


toastdriven commented Apr 30, 2012

There has been no progress on this.

EDIT: I will update the issue when there is progress. That said, v2 isn't out yet & this is currently slated for the next minor release after that.

Obviously 2.1.0 is now out; I'm assuming that nothing has happened on this?

thedrow commented Dec 16, 2013

Someone should simply pick this one up. But maybe no one is interested in this feature.


toastdriven commented Dec 17, 2013

Shortly after I opened this issue, I looked into Mongo's search functionality. The query language in particular was pretty limited at the time, though that may have improved since.

I don't have any use or desire for Mongo support myself (beyond providing more backends for Haystack), so given that & the rest of the backlog, I haven't had time to get back here.

I'd be happy to help/provide review for someone else if they're willing to put the work in, but I likely won't be able to much more than that for the foreseeable future.


acdha commented Dec 17, 2013

This also seems like it'd be a great candidate for a side project (django-haystack-mongodb?) which could develop independently from the core haystack tree.

thedrow commented Jun 24, 2014

We can use mongoengine in order to implement this feature.

@acdha acdha removed this from the v2.0.X milestone Aug 4, 2014

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