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from_python was also removed from pyelasticsearch #762

robertour opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The method from_python was removed from ElasticSearch in pyelasticsearch, in this commit. But it is still being called at least in line 758. The function is called 9 times in this file but I am not sure if all of them are related to pyelasticsearch.

This is related to this issue:
to_python is not defined in the new pyelasticsearch #758

And this pull request:
Pyelasticsearch 0.4 compatibility (fairly urgent) #759


what is the status of this?
currently i cannot make pyelasticsearch work on my server and it is getting pretty inconvenient.
please any help would be more than welcome.
thank you!


actually, to fix it on my platform i created a small fix
reverting the old "from_python", for anyone who might need it.

@jezdez jezdez closed this issue from a commit
@jezdez jezdez Port the `from_python` method from pyelasticsearch to the Elasticsear…
…ch backend, similar to `to_python` in 181bbc2.

Fixes #762. Refs #759.
@jezdez jezdez closed this in 5409197

nice fix. thank you!



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