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Fixed doc, ``query`` is context variable and not in request. #407

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@bigjust bigjust merged commit 5a15854 into django-haystack:master

lol, wow I am so terribly sorry it took this long to merge this.

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  1. +3 −3 docs/templatetags.rst
6 docs/templatetags.rst
@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@ Syntax::
# Highlight summary with default behavior.
- {% highlight result.summary with request.query %}
+ {% highlight result.summary with query %}
# Highlight summary but wrap highlighted words with a div and the
# following CSS class.
- {% highlight result.summary with request.query html_tag "div" class "highlight_me_please" %}
+ {% highlight result.summary with query html_tag "div" class "highlight_me_please" %}
# Highlight summary but only show 40 words.
- {% highlight result.summary with request.query max_length 40 %}
+ {% highlight result.summary with query max_length 40 %}
The highlighter used by this tag can be overridden as needed. See the
:doc:`highlighting` documentation for more information.
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