A queuing setup for integration with Haystack.
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Allows you to utilize a queue and shove updates/deletes for search into it, keeping your pages fast and your index fresh.

For use with Haystack (http://haystacksearch.org/).


This project has been updated to be compatible with Haystack 2.0.x! If you need queued_search for Haystack 1.2.X, please use the 1.0.4 tag or pip install queued_search==1.0.4!


You also need to install your choice of one of the supported search engines for Haystack and one of the supported queue backends for Queues.


  1. Add queued_search to INSTALLED_APPS.
  2. Alter all of your SearchIndex subclasses to inherit from queued_search.indexes.QueuedSearchIndex (as well as indexes.Indexable).
  3. Ensure your queuing solution of choice is running.
  4. Setup a cron job to run the process_search_queue management command.
  5. PROFIT!