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Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database.
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Inplace Edit Form is a Django application that allows you to inline edition of some data from the database

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License <>

Demo (this video use a very old version of django-inplaceedit and django-inplaceedit-extra-fields)

Video Demo, of django-inplaceedit, django-inplaceedit-extra-fields and django-inlinetrans (Set full screen mode to view it correctly)


  • Django (>= 1.2, even works with 1.1 with some customizations in your project)
  • jQuery (>=1.6)

Other packages related


You can find more in the documentation at


You can get the bleeding edge version of django-inplaceedit by doing a clone of its git repository:

git clone git://
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