Implements most of the JSON API 1.0 spec.
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Format specification:

By default, Django REST Framework will produce a response like:

    "count": 20,
    "next": "",
    "previous": "",
    "results": [{
        "id": 3,
        "username": "john",
        "full_name": "John Coltrane"

However, for an identity model in JSON API format the response should look like the following:

    "links": {
        "prev": "",
        "self": "",
        "next": "",
    "data": [{
        "type": "identities",
        "id": 3,
        "attributes": {
            "username": "john",
            "full-name": "John Coltrane"
    "meta": {
        "pagination": {
          "count": 20


  1. Django
  2. Django REST Framework


From PyPI

$ pip install djangorestframework-jsonapi

From Source

$ git clone
$ cd django-rest-framework-json-api && pip install -e .

Running the example app

$ git clone
$ cd django-rest-framework-json-api && pip install -e .
$ runserver --settings=example.settings

Browse to http://localhost:8000

Running Tests

It is recommended to create a virtualenv for testing. Assuming it is already installed and activated:

$ pip install -e .
$ pip install -r requirements-development.txt
$ py.test


rest_framework_json_api assumes you are using class-based views in Django Rest Framework.


One can either add rest_framework_json_api.parsers.JSONParser and rest_framework_json_api.renderers.JSONRenderer to each ViewSet class, or override settings.REST_FRAMEWORK

    'PAGE_SIZE': 10,
    'EXCEPTION_HANDLER': 'rest_framework_json_api.exceptions.exception_handler',
    'DEFAULT_METADATA_CLASS': 'rest_framework_json_api.metadata.JSONAPIMetadata',

If PAGINATE_BY is set the renderer will return a meta object with record count and a links object with the next and previous links. Pages can be specified with the page GET parameter.

This package provides much more including automatic inflection of JSON keys, extra top level data (using nested serializers), relationships, links, and handy shortcuts like MultipleIDMixin. Read more at