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reinbach commented Nov 8, 2011

after hasattr fails for _default_manager on cls, code was attempting to make use of _default_manager on the cls object.

reinbach and others added some commits Nov 8, 2011
@reinbach reinbach after failed hasattr check on csl object attempted to make use of the…
… attribute
@mcordes mcordes Updating money field to handle nulls w/o blowing up. 23be6cc
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #1 from mcordes/master
Here you go.
@mcordes mcordes Update b21b0a9
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #2 from mcordes/master
@akumria akumria Update the db_prep_ prototypes to work with Django 1.2+
Django 1.2 introduced multiple DB connections. And Django 1.4
removes the compatibility layer. Update our prototypes so we
work with Django 1.2+ or later.
@akumria akumria Update version of py-moneyed required.
Actually the current development version is fine.
@akumria akumria So that migration works, specify the default currency in text form.
It is already indicated later on but is easily missible.
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #3 from akumria/master
Update to handle Django 1.4
@akumria akumria Py-moneyed 0.4 has been released, so we can simplify installation eve…
…n more.

And we'll just put in references to where to get the source code for
interested parties.
@akumria akumria Spellcheck and note South is optional.
With South installed migrations also work.
@akumria akumria Update dependencies so installation is simpler.
The pull request, and a new release of py-moneyed has occurred.
@akumria akumria Increase version and switch location to new upstream. 8cdf631
@akumria akumria Switch to Django 1.2+ method of specifying databases.
At least this way the tests run. Even though they do not pass yet.
@akumria akumria Update to the Django 1.2+ db_prep_save call.
Found by the unittests.
@akumria akumria Correct pip installation command 040cf08
@akumria akumria Fixup py-moneyed version reference. 60a0ae0
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #4 from akumria/master
Further updates and make the unittests pass
@reinbach reinbach updated pip install command
@mariocesar @akumria mariocesar PEP8ify 6e34e2b
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #7 from akumria/fixup-pep8
@pjdelport pjdelport South support: Declare default attribute values.
This cleans up the generated schema migrations, and prevents errors like:
"Cannot successfully create field foo for model bar: name 'XYZ' is not defined."
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #8 from pjdelport/master
South support: Declare default attribute values.
@akumria akumria Allow django-money to be specified as read-only in a model
Monkey patch the Django admin so that we can display django-money fields
read-only. In order to do this, we simply catch the exception that
results from trying to convert a money object (e.g. '10 USD') into a
floating field.

And then we call just ask for the string representation of the field.
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #9 from akumria/allow-readonly
Allow django-money to be specified as read-only in a model
Greg Reinbach Some minor enhancements:
    Setting CURRENCIES to set the default Currency list on the admin
    Documentation about how to add a new Currency
@akumria akumria Add descriptions to the custom fields. 54f30b8
@akumria akumria Correctly serialize the field.
When serializing the field, we were outputing the displayed value.

This would not work, because we would (sometime) attempt to unserialize
non-UTF8 data.

Instead, just output the actual amount when serializing, since we also
have the currency to go with the amount everything Just Works (tm).
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #10 from akumria/serialize_properly
Serialize properly
@rach rach Fix AttributeError when Model inherit a manager
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_query_set'
When a Model inherit from an Abstract one which implement a Manager.
In this case '_default_manager' is defined but equal to None
@reinbach reinbach Merge pull request #11 from rach/master
Fix AttributeError when Model inherit a manager
jakewins commented Oct 9, 2012

Hey mate, the amount of work done here is awesome, and I suppose we need to figure out if it's possible to merge this back together, or what to do. It looks like you're maintaining a branch that is significantly more up to date - maybe I can give you commit rights to this repo (or add a link to your fork), and you can take over maintaining it?

Either way, the amount of commits here is way too much for me to merge safely, it will need to be done in some other way, for instance by merging the current state of this repo over to you and then deprecating this repo, if you want to take over maintaining it.

Closing this PR, but let me know what you think about taking over the project :)

@jakewins jakewins closed this Oct 9, 2012
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