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Commits on Aug 5, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    REUSE_DB=1 tests run but are allowed to fail

    jwhitlock authored
    There are many issues with REUSE_DB=1, including intermittant failures.
    This allows us to monitor them and try to make them repeatable, but
    without blocking other changes.
  2. @jwhitlock

    Remove gawk dependency

    jwhitlock authored
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    Merge pull request #225 from aristiden7o/patch-1

    jwhitlock authored
    replace broken nose URL
  2. @aristiden7o

    replace broken nose URL

    aristiden7o authored
Commits on Jul 16, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    Merge pull request #222 from franciscoruiz/patch-1

    jwhitlock authored
    Fixed broken links to nose documentation
  2. @franciscoruiz
Commits on Jul 7, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock
  2. @jwhitlock

    All database tests passing

    jwhitlock authored
    Remove Django 1.8 database tests from "allowed to fail" section.
  3. @jwhitlock
  4. @scottsexton

    Merge branch 'upstream_master'

    scottsexton authored
Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    Merge pull request #218 from jwhitlock/update_tools

    jwhitlock authored
    Update project tooling, accessible with a Makefile:
    * `make test`: Run basic test suite
    * `make lint`: Run PEP8 / Pyflakes quality tests
    * `make coverage`: Run full integration tests and measure code coverage
    * `make qa`: Run lint and coverage
    * `make docs`: Build Sphinx documentation
    * `make sdist`: Create a source distribution and run quality checks on it
    * `make release`: Release to PyPI
    This includes:
    * Updating source to avoid PEP8 / PyFlakes issues
    * Running coverage in TravisCI and sending reports to
    * Splitting README.rst into several files, and including in Sphinx docs
    * Adjusting long description in
    * Adding some badges
    * Adding Read The Docs support
    * Adding contribution and author documentation
    * Adding tests for Django models, database access, and fixture loading using new models in `testapp` along with South and Django migrations
    * Updating ``
    * Adding PostgreSQL and MySQL tests, to reproduce #197 in TravisCI
  2. @jwhitlock


    jwhitlock authored
    This eliminates a deprecation warning oin Django 1.7
  3. @jwhitlock

    Add postgres, mysql tests on TravisCI

    jwhitlock authored
    Default tests use SQLite, and something about TravisCI makes some tests
    pass w/ SQLite that fail locally (like bug #197).  Run with MySQL and
    PostgreSQL, which does duplicate the test failures.
    Add a --noinput option to, so that duplicate test databases
    can be auto-deleted.
  4. @jwhitlock
  5. @jwhitlock
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock


    jwhitlock authored
    The new had several issues:
    * use unset rather than set to empty string to reset environment
    * exports are needed to set the test environment
    * test exit code of test command, not the always successful "cat"
    * --with-profile had too much output, and there's not a good way
      to restrict it from the command line.  Adding
      --profile-restrict "less_output" restricts it to the summary line.
  2. @jwhitlock

    Migrate README.rst to Sphinx docs

    jwhitlock authored
    * Split README.rst into installation, usage, and upgrade pages
    * Add authors and contributing pages
  3. @jwhitlock

    Sync contribute.json license with rest of project

    jwhitlock authored
    contribute.json claims the license is Mozilla Public License 2, but
    LICENSE and are 4-clause BSD.
  4. @jwhitlock

    Combine and reformat changelog

    jwhitlock authored
    changelog.rst has complete changelog.  Include 1.0 and later changes in
    the package description.
  5. @jwhitlock

    Start conversion to Sphinx

    jwhitlock authored
    Create a basic Sphinx config that loads README.rst.  Add TravisCI and
    tox targets to build docs and source distribution.
  6. @jwhitlock

    Rearrange Travis builds

    jwhitlock authored
    Arrange TravisCI builds to build
    - Most important builds
    - Optional builds that I might drop
    - Future Django builds that can fail
  7. @jwhitlock

    Tune output capturing in

    jwhitlock authored
    In, redirect stdout and stderr to temporary files, and
    print the captured output on errors rather than rerunning the tests.
    Add a -v option to, to display test output while the tests
    are running, instead of only on errors.
    Adjust TravisCI and tox configuration to display verbose output in
    TravisCI runs, and not run coveralls locally.
  8. @jwhitlock

    Py3-friendlier constructs

    jwhitlock authored - Wrap global namespace munging in functions
    django_nose.fixture_tables - Use open instead of file
  9. @jwhitlock
  10. @jwhitlock

    Merge test settings

    jwhitlock authored
    Merge individual test files into a single test settings.  Override
    parameters with environment variables.
  11. @jwhitlock

    Update TravisCI config

    jwhitlock authored
    Switch to explicit matrix
    Add flake8 target
    Drop Python 3.5 target until TravisCI supports it
  12. @jwhitlock

    Improve source package

    jwhitlock authored
    Make `make sdist` happy by adding keywords and a test suite to,
    as well as adding entries to
  13. @jwhitlock

    pyflakes and PEP8

    jwhitlock authored
  14. @jwhitlock

    Add coveralls badge

    jwhitlock authored
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    Add Makefile, coverage

    jwhitlock authored
    Add coverage runs to  Add a Makefile that includes `make
    coverage` to run under coverage and combine outputs.  Add coverage and
    coveralls to tox.ini.
Commits on Jun 29, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    Release v1.4.1

    jwhitlock authored
  2. @jwhitlock

    Merge pull request #191 from roganov/master

    jwhitlock authored
    Fix #190 - assertJSONEqual -> assert_son_equal, add eq_ and ok_
Commits on Jun 26, 2015
  1. @jwhitlock

    Merge pull request #215 from singingwolfboy/unicode_literals

    jwhitlock authored
    Support unicode in filenames
  2. @jwhitlock

    Merge pull request #210 from dgladkov/master

    jwhitlock authored
    Django 1.9 pre-release support, switch Travis to tox
  3. @dgladkov

    minor tox config fix

    dgladkov authored
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