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  • Redirect to unread view after mark as read. (@osminogin)
  • Django 1.10 compability. (@osminogin)
  • Django Admin overhead reduction by removing the need to carry all recipients users. (@theromis)
  • Added option to mark as read in __live_unread_notification_list__ endpoint. (@osminogin)
  • Fixed parameter name error in README.rst: there is no __api_url_name__ parameter, the correct name is __api_name__ (@ikkebr)
  • Added __sent()__, __unsent()__, __mark_as_sent()__ and __mark_as_unsent()__ methods in the queryset. (@theromis)
  • __notify.send()__ now returns the list of saved Notifications instances. (@satyanash)
  • Now __recipient__ can be a User queryset. (@AlvaroLQueiroz)
  • Fix XMLHttpRequest onready event handler. (@AlvaroLQueiroz)


  • Django 1.9 template tag compatibility: due to register.simple_tag automatically espacing unsafe_html in Django 1.9, it is now recommended to use format_html (@ikkebr)
  • Fixed parameter name error in README.rst: there is no to_fetch parameter, the correct name is fetch (@ikkebr)
  • Add missing migration (@marcgibbons)
  • Minor documentation correction (@tkwon, @zhang-z)
  • Return updated count in QuerySet (@zhang-z)


  • Custom now() invocation got overlooked by PR #113 (@yangyuvo)
  • Added sentinals for unauthenticated users, preventing a 500 error (@LegoStormtroopr)
  • Fix: Mark All As read fails if soft-deleted #126 (@zhang-z)


The first major version that requires Django 1.7+.

  • Drop support for Django 1.6 and below (@zhang-z)
  • Django 1.9 compability (@illing2005)
  • Now depends on Django built-in migration facility, "south_migrations" dependence was removed (@zhang-z)
  • Make django-notification compatible with django-model-utils >= 2.4 ( #87, #88, #90 ) (@zhang-z)
  • Fix a RemovedInDjango110Warning in unittest (@zhang-z)
  • Fix pep8 & use setuptools (@areski)
  • Fix typo- in doc (@areski, @zhang-z)
  • Add app_name in (@zhang-z)
  • Use Django's vendored copy of six (@funkybob)
  • Tidy with flake8 (@funkybob)
  • Remove custom now() function (@funkybob, @yangyubo)
  • notify.send() accepts User or Group (@Evidlo)


0.8 is the last major version supports Django 1.4~1.6, version 0.8.0 will go into bugfix mode, no new features will be accepted.

  • Bugfixes for live-updater, and added a live tester page (@LegoStormtroopr)
  • Class-based classes (@alazaro)
  • Fixed urls in tests (@alazaro)
  • Added app_label to Notification model in order to fix a Django 1.9 deprecation warning (@Heldroe)
  • django-model-utils compatible issue (must >=2.0.3 and <2.4) (@zhang-z)
  • Reliable versioning (@yangyubo)


  • Able to pass level when adding notification (@Arthur)
  • Fix deprecation notice in Django 1.8 (@ashokfernandez)
  • Fix Python 3 support for notification model (@philroche)
  • Bugfix for wrong user unread notification count (@Geeknux)
  • A simple javascript API for live-updating specific fields within a django template (@LegoStormtroopr)
  • Add missing migration for Notification model (@shezadkhan137)


  • Add filters and displays to Django model Admin
  • Support Django 1.8, compatible with both django-south (django < 1.7) and built-in schema migration (django >= 1.7)
  • Compatible with Python 3
  • Test fixtures, and integrated with travis-ci


  • Fix README.rst reStructuredText syntax format
  • Use relative imports
  • Add contributors to AUTHORS.txt


  • Add support for custom user model
  • mark_as_unread
  • Require django-model-utils >= 2.0.3
  • Use different now function according to the USE_TZ setting


  • Improve documentation
  • Add unicode support at admin panel or shell


Support for arbitrary data attribute.


Fix package descriptions and doc links.


First version based on django-activity-stream v0.4.3