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Welcome to the django-oscar-accounts wiki!

Accounts and account types

All accounts have an account type, which is modelled as a hierarchical tree.

Here's the typical structure of account types, with some sample accounts too. Account types start with * while account have a -:

* Sales
      * Recognised income
          - Account redemptions
          - Lapsed accounts
* Assets
      * Cash
          - Bank
* Costs
      * Unpaid sources
          - eg "Customer services compensation" (A)
          - eg "Merchant funded"
* Liabilities
      * Deferred income
          * Customer-service created accounts
              - Account #1
          * $10 accounts
              - Account #2
          * $20 accounts
              - Account #3

Here's a few typical journeys:


  1. An admin creates a new budget in the dashboard. This is a transfer from an "Unpaid source"
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