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Django Oscar API

This package provides a RESTful API for django-oscar. Coverage Documentation Status Latest PyPi release How many times koe is in the sourcecode


To use the Oscar API application in an Oscar E-commerce site, follow these steps:

  1. Install the django-oscar-api package someway (pip install django-oscar-api).

  2. Add oscarapi to INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Add the application's urls to your urlconf:

    from import application as api
    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        # all the things you allready got
        url(r'^api/', include(api.urls)),

See the Documentation for more information.


1.0.10 (2016-12-08)

  • #82 Recalculate offers when updating lines or receiving them individually
  • Make sure that the post and delete methods of the LoginView return valid (json) responses
  • #86 Add missing Meta.fields attribute to work the default first level of api endpoints. (jklapuch)
  • Updated the documentation and added a demosite to explain how to override a view/serializer

1.0.9 (2016-10-24)

  • RestFramework will nolonger complain about "Creating a ModelSerializer without either the 'fields' attribute or the 'exclude' attribute has been deprecated since 3.3.0, and is now disallowed. Add an explicit fields = '__all__' to the LineAttributeSerializer serializer."

1.0.8 (2016-10-04)

  • #78 PUT on BasketLineSerializer was raising a 500 error due to incorrect LineAttributeSerializer definition

1.0.7 (2016-08-26)

  • #77 Use configured LoginSerializer instead of the hardcoded one (whyscream)
  • Cleaned up to be compatible with django 1.10 (SalahAdDin)

1.0.6 (2016-07-27)

  • Make add_voucher a class based view so we can easily override the serializer
  • Oscar expects 'vouchercode' to be uppercase
  • #74 Python 3 does not have itertools.imap, we use now (crgwbr)

1.0.5 (2016-07-13)

  • #70 Change process_response to have acorrect API created basket cookie added to the response (albertojacini)

1.0.4 (2016-04-04)

  • #65 Add Docker configuration for testing convenience (crgwbr)
  • #66 Raise a ValidationError (instead of a 500 server error) when you try to checkout with an empty basket (crgwbr)
  • #67 Fixes an AssertionError in the LineList view (missing queryset attribute)

1.0.3 (2016-03-21)

  • #35 Changes format of urls of basket lines (lines/1 -> basket/1/lines/1)
  • #63 Make AddProductSerializer easily overridable
  • #63 You can now update basketlines more easily with a PUT, updated documentation for this

1.0.2 (2016-03-01)

  • #58 Send a signal after placing an order so you don't need to customize the CheckoutView for custom post actions (bufke)
  • #60 is_quantity_allowed returned the quantity and not an error message (bootinge)
  • Updated the docs with forgotten application definition (SamuelSilveira)

1.0.1 (2016-01-29)

  • #57 Make sure that we are really compatible with Django 1.9 (against Oscar Dev)
  • Removed django-compressor<2.0 as a dependency
  • Fix for the LoginSerializer to make it work with custom username fields

1.0.0 (2016-01-14)

Initial release.