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PayPal integration for django-oscar. Can be used without Oscar too.
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PayPal package for django-oscar

This package provides integration between django-oscar and both PayPal Express and PayPal Payflow Pro.

These payment options can be used individually or together. Further, the package is structured so that it can be used without Oscar if you so wish.


The package is released under the New BSD license.


Having problems or got a question?

  • Have a look at the sandbox site as this is a sample Oscar project integrated with both PayPal options. See the contributing guide within the docs for instructions on how to set up the sandbox locally.
  • Ping @django_oscar with quick queries.
  • Ask more detailed questions on the Oscar mailing list:
  • Use Github for submitting issues and pull requests.


Continuous integration status Coverage


1.0.0 (released May 30th, 2018)

  • Add support for Oscar 1.6 and Django 2.
  • Drop support for Oscar 1.4 and lower and Django 1.10 and lower.

0.9.7 (released January 12th, 2016)

  • Fix breakage when using Oscar's DeferredTaxMixin. #98 #121

0.9.6 (released November 13th, 2015)

  • Add support for Oscar 1.1 and Django 1.8.
  • Drop support for Django 1.6 and Oscar 0.7.
  • Store submitted shipping method instead of falling back to FixedPrice. #107
  • Display original Paypal error message instead of generic error message. #101
  • Bugfix: Hide form buttons as expected. #94
  • Bugfix: Correct signature for call to get_shipping_methods. #99
  • Bugfix: Don't fail in countries without postcode. #100


  • Fix issue with missing templates in PyPI package.


  • Use Bankcard.number instead of the deprecated Bankcard.card_number attribute.
  • Add support for Django 1.7 and Oscar 1.0.
  • Drop support for Oscar 0.6 and Django 1.5.


  • Use the correct key to look up a previous transaction ID (for refund/capture/void operations). #81


  • Include templates in package (they were missing from 0.9.1)
  • Dynamically load view classes in Express views module


  • Add support for Python 3.3 and 3.4
  • Add preliminary support for (unreleased) Oscar 0.8


  • Support Oscar 0.7 (note that this release only works with 0.7.1 onwards)
  • Drop support for Oscar 0.5
  • Fix bug around unicode handling
  • Allow scheme of callback URL to be specified in a setting


  • Ensure sandbox demo site works correctly with Oscar 0.6
  • Fix a bug with Payflow Pro using wrong bankcard attribute for expiry dates.
  • Remove Oscar version verification in
  • Use content-type text/namevalue when submitting key-value pairs to PayPal.


  • Support Oscar 0.6
  • Fix bug with offers not being applied to basket on return from PayPal site.


  • Remove Oscar from install_requires


  • Persist shipping method name when using PayPal Express as a payment method only.


  • Add support for NO_SHIPPING option with PayPal Express.


  • Addresses a security issue where baskets could be manipulated while the customer was on the PayPal site. This would cause the final order to contain more items that were paid for.


  • Fixes a bug where the second line of a user's address was not being used to create the order shipping address.


  • We now require Oscar >= 0.5
  • Full i18 support
  • New dashboard views for PayPal Express


  • Restrict to Oscar < 0.5


  • Pass shipping address name when using Express checkout
  • Docs update


  • Fix issue with currency formatting
  • Fix issue with i18n proxies being passed to PayPal


  • Order discounts are now passed correctly to PayPal as separate lines
  • Fix unicode issue when reading data back from PayPal
  • Use Tox for testsuite


  • Fix silly bug with reference transactions


  • Fix bug with installing templates


  • Fix bug with amount formats not being validated properly
  • Adjust txn model to allow virtually everything to be nullable


  • Add support for specifying transaction currency


  • Fix packaging issues
  • Remove dead templates
  • With API docs


Includes support for Payflow Pro.


Includes support for Express Checkout.

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