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Integration between Oscar and Stripe
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Stripe integration for django-oscar

This repo is just a skeleton at the moment. It isn't complete yet.

This package provides integration between Stripe and Oscar. It is currently a work-in-progress - contributions are welcome. Any questions, please use the Oscar mailing list:

Useful information:


Clone the repo, create a virtualenv and run:

make install

to install all dependencies. Run the tests with:


There is a sandbox site that you can browse and use to test the Stripe integration. Create is using:

make sandbox

and browse it after:

cd sandbox
./ runserver


  • In the sandbox, override the PaymentDetailsView to charge a user's card before placing the order.
  • Create a "Stripe transaction" model that tracks each request/response to Stripe's servers
  • Investigate if we need a facade module like in the other Oscar extension libs. Their API is so simple, I'm not sure we do.
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