Domain-driven e-commerce for Django
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Domain-driven e-commerce for Django

Oscar is an e-commerce framework for Django designed for building domain-driven sites. It is structured such that any part of the core functionality can be customised to suit the needs of your project. This allows a wide range of e-commerce requirements to be handled, from large-scale B2C sites to complex B2B sites rich in domain-specific business logic.


Further reading:

Continuous integration status: Coverage Requirements Status

PyPI status:

Docs status:

Documentation Status

Core team:



These are screenshots from the 'sandbox' example site that ships with Oscar. It sports a simple design built with Twitter's Bootstrap and provides a good starting point for rapidly building elegant e-commerce sites.

The sandbox site is also available to browse at Dashboard users can be created using this gateway page.

The sandbox site can be set-up locally in 5 commands. Want to make changes? Check out the contributing guidelines.


The following extensions are stable and ready for use:

The following are community-written extensions:

Let us know if you're writing a new one!


Videos with talks about Oscar:


Oscar is released under the permissive New BSD license (see summary).

Case studies

Oscar is still in active development but is used in production by a range of companies, from large multinationals to small, boutique stores. See for an overview.

Many more on the way. If you use Oscar in production, please let us know.

Looking for commercial support?

If you are interested in having an Oscar project built for you, or for development of an existing Oscar site then please get in touch via