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from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, url, include
from django.contrib.auth import views as auth_views
from oscar.core.application import Application
from import application as catalogue_app
from import application as customer_app
from import application as basket_app
from import application as checkout_app
from import application as promotions_app
from import application as search_app
from import application as offer_app
from import application as dashboard_app
class Shop(Application):
name = None
catalogue_app = catalogue_app
customer_app = customer_app
basket_app = basket_app
checkout_app = checkout_app
promotions_app = promotions_app
search_app = search_app
dashboard_app = dashboard_app
offer_app = offer_app
def get_urls(self):
urlpatterns = patterns('',
(r'^products/', include(self.catalogue_app.urls)),
(r'^basket/', include(self.basket_app.urls)),
(r'^checkout/', include(self.checkout_app.urls)),
(r'^accounts/', include(self.customer_app.urls)),
(r'^search/', include(self.search_app.urls)),
(r'^dashboard/', include(self.dashboard_app.urls)),
(r'^offers/', include(self.offer_app.urls)),
# Password reset - as we're using Django's default view funtions, we
# can't namespace these urls as that prevents the reverse function
# from working.
url(r'^password-reset/$', auth_views.password_reset, name='password-reset'),
url(r'^password-reset/done/$', auth_views.password_reset_done, name='password-reset-done'),
url(r'^password-reset/confirm/$', auth_views.password_reset_confirm, name='password-reset-confirm'),
url(r'^password-reset/complete/$', auth_views.password_reset_complete, name='password-reset-complete'),
(r'', include(self.promotions_app.urls)),
return urlpatterns
shop = Shop()
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