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Core functionality

This page details the core classes and functions that Oscar uses. These aren't specific to one particular app, but are used throughout Oscar's codebase.

Dynamic class loading

The key to Oscar's flexibility is dynamically loading classes. This allows projects to provide their own versions of classes that extend and override the core functionality.

.. automodule:: oscar.core.loading
    :members: get_classes, get_class

URL patterns and views

Oscar's app organise their URLs and associated views using a "Application" class instance. This works in a similar way to Django's admin app, and allows Oscar projects to subclass and customised URLs and views.

.. automodule:: oscar.core.application


Oscar uses a custom price object for easier tax handling.

.. automodule:: oscar.core.prices
    :members: Price

Custom model fields

Oscar uses a few custom model fields.

.. automodule:: oscar.models.fields

Form helpers

.. automodule:: oscar.forms.mixins