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Drop warnings threshold

Document the lint file more.
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@codeinthehole codeinthehole authored
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@@ -1,9 +1,20 @@
#/usr/bin/env bash
+# Run static analysis of the codebase
+# This is run on Travis to ensure that pull requests conform to the project coding standards.
+# Ideally, this figure should be < 100. I'll keep reducing it as the
+# codebase gets tidied up incrementally.
+# Some warnings aren't worth worrying about...
+# Run flake8 and convert the output into a format that the "violations" plugin
+# for Jenkins/Hudson can understand. Ignore warnings from migrations we we don't
+# really care about those.
flake8 --ignore=$IGNORE oscar | perl -ple "s/: /: [E] /" | grep -v migrations > $ERRORFILE
# Check that the number of violations is acceptable
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