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Commits on Jan 13, 2016
  1. @maikhoepfel

    Fix indentation issue on category display

    maikhoepfel committed
    For whatever reason, the active category got less indent than the other
    categories. That looks rather ugly.
    I'm not frontend person, but just turning the category into a link
    (which is reasonable) fixes the issue.
Commits on Jan 12, 2016
  1. @maikhoepfel
Commits on Jan 11, 2016
  1. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1969 from django-oscar/feature/basket-ordering

    mvantellingen committed
    Enforce order of basket, order, wishlist lines
  2. @mvantellingen
  3. @maikhoepfel

    Merge branch 'issue/685/custom-benefit-class'

    maikhoepfel committed
  4. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1922 from edoburu/fix/weightbased-discount

    maikhoepfel committed
    Fix errors with shipping discounts on free weightbased shipping.
  5. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1942 from solarissmoke/patch-3

    maikhoepfel committed
    Range.all_products can return duplicates - ensure it doesn't
  6. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1944 from johnfraney/patch-1

    maikhoepfel committed
    Update key_questions.rst
  7. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1945 from dragonjun/fix/postcodes_regex

    maikhoepfel committed
    Fix postcodes_regex.
  8. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1948 from anentropic/exclude-current-from-recentl…

    maikhoepfel committed
    exclude current product from recently viewed
  9. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1956 from vkaracic/vkaracic/condition-factory

    maikhoepfel committed
    Add range to ConditionFactory
  10. @maikhoepfel
  11. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1964 from anentropic/use-printable-country-name

    maikhoepfel committed
    address summary should use printable name
  12. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1965 from kisiel/master

    maikhoepfel committed
    shipping - getting weight of product's parent if weight is not set for targeted product
  13. @maikhoepfel

    Merge pull request #1967 from fghaas/issue-1966

    maikhoepfel committed
    doc: Fix CheckoutSessionMixin example for DeferredTax strategy
  14. @maikhoepfel

    Enforce order of basket, order, wishlist lines

    maikhoepfel committed
    When working on an Oscar project, I noted that the order of the basket
    lines was different from the order of the order lines created from that
    basket. This made me investigate how exactly Oscar approaches this.
    It turned out that Oscar had no notion of ordering those lines. That
    means, the order of them was determined by the database. That will work
    in most cases, because at least PostgreSQL tends to return them in the
    order of creation - but this is not guaranteed. From
    > If sorting is not chosen, the rows will be returned in an unspecified
    > order. The actual order in that case will depend on the scan and join
    > plan types and the order on disk, but it must not be relied on. A
    > particular output ordering can only be guaranteed if the sort step is
    > explicitly chosen.
    Luckily, Django's AutoIntegerField guarantees that the primary keys are
    incremented. So to get the behaviour we most likely want, we just
    enforce ordering by primary keys. I also documented how one would go
    about switching to an Amazon-style handling. Implementing that is left
    as an exercise to the reader.
    As a note: I'm not sure what subtle bugs we previously had when applying
    offers in the case of the database returning the lines out-of-order.
    Let's not fret on it too much, it's fixed now ;)
  15. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1963 from django-oscar/fix/no-ordering-for-partner

    mvantellingen committed
    Add default ordering for Partner instances
  16. @fghaas

    doc: Fix CheckoutSessionMixin example for DeferredTax strategy

    fghaas committed
    Fix several issues with the CheckoutSessionMixin example given for
    using a DeferredTax tax assessment approach:
    - Test for submission['shipping_address'] and
    - Update line item tax via
    - Refer to shipping_charge rather than shipping_method where
    - Base the shipping tax rate on the tax-exclusive, not tax-inclusive
      shipping charge.
    - Fix indentation for the calculate_tax convenience function.
    Fixes issue django-oscar/django-oscar#1966.
Commits on Jan 9, 2016
  1. @kisiel
Commits on Jan 8, 2016
  1. @anentropic
Commits on Jan 7, 2016
  1. @maikhoepfel

    Add default ordering for Partner instances

    maikhoepfel committed
    I was toying with the partner dashboard when I realized the order isn't
    consistent. So I fixed it.
    It probably would make sense to go through all Oscar models and check
    that they have an ordering defined. It should make sense for most of
Commits on Jan 4, 2016
  1. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1954 from django-oscar/fix/migrate-product-alert

    mvantellingen committed
    Fix IntegrityError in User._migrate_alerts_to_user()
  2. @mvantellingen
  3. @mvantellingen
  4. @mvantellingen

    Create the promotions fixture using --natural-foreign

    mvantellingen committed
    This fixes incorrect content_type references
Commits on Jan 3, 2016
  1. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1958 from django-oscar/maikhoepfel-patch-1

    mvantellingen committed
    StockRecordForm: only alter fields if present
  2. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1951 from sasha0/issue/1950/tinymce

    mvantellingen committed
    Upgrade TinyMCE in dashboard
  3. @mvantellingen
  4. @mvantellingen
  5. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1889 from DNX/master

    mvantellingen committed
    Fixed a bug in Dashboard Catalogue filter
  6. @mvantellingen
  7. @mvantellingen

    Update docs

    mvantellingen committed
  8. @mvantellingen

    Merge pull request #1909 from django-oscar/feature/dependencies

    mvantellingen committed
    Update dependencies on pillow, factory-boy and django-widget-tweaks
  9. @mvantellingen

    Update Django versions (1.8.8 / 1.9.1) and remove allow_failures

    mvantellingen committed
    Python 3.5 should now work correctly
  10. @mvantellingen
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