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override issue #229

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I was trying to override oscar.apps.checkout.views.OrderPlacementMixin but as far as I can see, there is no way that this can be done on the actual code - please tell me that I'm wrong! :)

What I've came up is to push mixins to the seaprate module, and then call get_class from the main module.

Let me know what do you think, is so will anybody will be intersted in such a patch?


I think you're right there. It's not possible to override that mixin as it's defined in the same place as where it's used. Don't worry though - we can do what you suggest and put it in its own module so it can be loaded dynamically.

I'm happy to do it, but patches welcome too as I probably won't get to it for a day or so.


ok, done - I've updated my pull request, there are 2 additonal commits - one related to this issue, second - foxes on translations - misspeling, omitions, missing calls etc. lt me know what do you think


Thanks for that. It would have been cleaner to put the checkout change in a separate pull request but it doesn't matter now. I'll merge both the commits into master so they can be part of the 0.3 release.


I've had all of those changes in one branch, so there were no possibilities to create separate pull requests, but you can extract each change as a separate patch.


I've merged this in - but moved the two mixins to a single module:


Unfortunatelly this will not work. Initally I had a same idea, but If you could look closely, you will find, that wen you will be overrining CheckoutSessionMixin then this override will not work for the classes that use directly OrderPlacementMixin e.g. PaymentDetailsView.

This is problemmatic, I spend over an hour to find this simple 'bug'.

I was thinking to create a package mixins and then two file under it, but then, the override mechanism need to be changed ad this additional level will mix things up.

I had another idea - to have both classes in the one file but create something like:

OverriderCheckoutSessionMixin = get_class('checkout.mixins', 'CheckoutSessionMixin')

class OrderPlacementMixin(OverriderCheckoutSessionMixin):

but never tested this idea (it may not work as system will be doing circular imports).

That's why it was much simplier (but uglier) to have this one additional file and no additional changes and possible problems in other places.


Yes, good point. I've move the session mixing in the a new module to allow them to load separately.

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