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A pluggable framework for adding two-factor authentication to Django using one-time passwords.
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This project makes it easy to add support for one-time passwords (OTPs) to Django. It can be integrated at various levels, depending on how much customization is required. It integrates with django.contrib.auth, although it is not a Django authentication backend. The primary target is developers wishing to incorporate OTPs into their Django projects as a form of two-factor authentication.

Several simple OTP plugins are included and more are available separately. This package also includes an implementation of OATH HOTP and TOTP for convenience, as these are standard OTP algorithms used by multiple plugins.

If you're looking for a higher-level or more opinionated solution, you might be interested in django-two-factor-auth.


This project is stable and maintained, but is no longer actively used by the author. Well-formed pull requests are welcome. Anyone interested in taking over aspects of the project should contact me.


Development dependencies are defined in the Pipfile; use pipenv to set up a suitable shell.

The tests in tox.ini cover a representative sample of supported Python and Django versions, as well as running flake8 and isort for linting and style consistency. Please run tox before checking in and sending a pull request.

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