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Primary authors:
* Daniel Lindsley
* Cody Soyland
* Matt Croydon
* Josh Bohde
* Issac Kelly
* mdornseif for various patches
* Jeff Triplett (jefftriplett) for various reports/patches.
* Christian Klein (cklein) for the work on alphanumeric PK support.
* Charles Leifer (coleifer) for a patch related to nullable OneToOneFields.
* Sean Bleier (sebleier) for a patch that prevents error hiding on delete.
* Chris Adams (acdha) for documentation fixes & other patches.
* jonozzz for a patch regarding Paginator optimizations & a patch to multiple sort_by parameters.
* David Guaraglia (dguaraglia) for the requirements file & a patch to limits.
* whiteblack for a patch to Meta inheritance.
* Travis Cline (traviscline) for patches regarding URLconf namespacing & pagination.
* Jannis Leidel (jezdez) for patches regarding the ApiKey model, an admin inline and Django 1.4's timezone support.
* Malcolm Tredinnick (malcolmt) for documentation corrections.
* Vincent Driessen (nvie) for FileField related patches.
* Christopher Grebs (EnTeQuAk) for various patches.
* Roman Bogorodskiy (novel) for documentation fixes.
* D. Hageman (dhageman) for a patch adding default values to RelatedFields.
* James Hsiao (thepeopleseason) for finishing the DigestAuthentication bits.
* jesperp for a patch adding TimeField.
* Marcel van den Elst (MacMaru) for testing regarding ``blank=True``.
* ulmus for a cookbook example.
* Jason Kraus (zbyte64) for a patch related to script prefix.
* Timothée Peignier (cyberdelia) for various patches.
* Chris Beaven (SmileyChris) for a documentation patch.
* Evan Borgstrom (fatbox) for a documentation patch.
* Madis V (madisvain) for a README patch.
* Ed Summers (edsu) for a patch.
* Sébastien Fievet (zyegfryed) for the initial OAuth implementation.
* Jacob Kaplan-Moss (jacobkm) for the PATCH patch.
* jorgeecardona for a patch in renaming the ``objects`` name of the response.
* vbabiy for a patch on improved use of ``bundle.request`` & related resource validation.
* philipn (Philip Neustrom) for GeoDjango integration.
* dgerzo (Daniel Gerzo) for GeoDjango integration, work on PATCH and related fields, improving the ```` script & several smaller patches..
* ipmb (Peter Baumgartner) for a patch regarding the order of object saves.
* easel for a documentation patch on failing syncdbs.
* gaftech (Gabriel) for a patch regarding the ``__in`` filter syntax.
* Christopher Groskopf (onyxfish) for a patch regarding PATCH & ``always_return_data``.
* dericcrago (Deric Crago) for documentation patches.
* gwrtheyrn (Danilo Bargen) for a documentation patch.
* panta (Marco Pantaleoni) for a patch to ````.
* pelme (Andreas Pelme) for a patch involving re-raising exceptions during testing.
* Rue La La for funding the development & documentation on the testing bits.
* Aaron Elliot Ross for a patch to invalid pagination.
* Randall Degges for patch_list method documentation patch.
* Alexis Svinartchouk (zvin) for patching field type fix for AutoFields.
* Mike W (mik3y) for a cookbook entry on pretty-printed JSON serialization & converting 'objects' to Meta.collection_name.
* Taylor Mitchell (tmitchell) for finding and patching a bug in the paginator query encoding.
* D.B. Tsai (dbtsai) & DuJour for funding:
* The work to make non-pk URIs work better
* Ryan West (ryanisnan) for finding and patching a bug in patch_list where requests were not included in the bundle.
* Julien Bouquillon (revolunet) for authentication and authorization docs fixes.
* Andrey Voronov (eyvoro) for fixing a typo in the AUTHORS file.
* D.B. Tsai (dbtsai) for a fix relating to ``detail_uri_kwargs``.
* maraujop for a patch adding to ``X-HTTP-Method-Override`` support.
* Donald Stufft (dstufft) for patching ToOneField callable attributes & for bumping the dateutil reqs.
* Vladimir Volodin (vvolodin) for patching ToManyField callable attributes.
* Mike Urbanski (mcu) for patching ``Paginator.get_limit``.
* Jason Brownbridge (jbrownbridge) for patching multiple ``offset/limit`` params appearing in pagination URIs.
* Mitar for compatability patches with django-tastypie-mongoengine
* Jeremy Dunck (jdunck) for a patch adding an index to ``ApiKey``.
* Wes Winham (winhamwr) for a documentation patch.
* Andrew Austin (andrewaustin) for triaging, verifying and patching several tickets.
* Numan Sachwani (numan) and Curtis Maloney (funkybob) for patch which allows fields to be omitted from list/detail form of resources.
* Anton V. Yanchenko (simplylizz) for reporting and providing a patch for a security vulnerability involving ``MultiAuthentication`` and ``ApiKeyAuthentication``
* Cristiano Lopes (cristiano2lopes) for minor bug fix in feature that allows fields to be omitted from list/detail form of resources.
* Andrew McCloud (amccloud) for a patch improving integration with error logging tools by dispatching Django's got_request_exception when appropriate
* Vitaly Babiy (vbabiy) form validation, and django 1.5 support.
* Nathaniel Tucker (ntucker) django 1.5 support.
* Soren Hansen (sorenh) Fixing tests for django 1.3.
* Matt DeBoard (mattdeboard) for a patch to optionally set ``abstract = True`` on the ApiKey model.
* Paul Grau (graup) Addition of iso-8601-strict to available TASTYPIE_DATETIME_FORMATTING.
* Eric Plumb (professorplumb) for fixing the nested resource example in the cookbook.
* Willem Bult (willembult) for fixing a bug with updating updating foreign key resources during create.
* Yuri Govorushchenko (metametadata) for enhancing documentation on how to convert list of resources into JSON within a django template.
* Revolution Systems & The Python Software Foundation for funding a significant portion of the port to Python 3!
* tunix for a patch related to Tastypie's timezone-aware dates.
* Steven Davidson (damycra) for a documentation patch.
* Harish Srinivas for a minor bug fix that raises an exception if a given related resource is none.
Thanks to Tav for providing, placed in public domain.
Thanks to various contributors of the Django test server patch, borrowed from and placed in tests/
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