Hydration of Missing and Null Values #518

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Hydration of fields with missing or null values has a lot of corner cases that cause issues. A fix for one would probably fix all of them. Opening this to keep for documenting these issues and discussion.

See also:

  • #492 (Cannot PUT None to a previously non-None value)
  • #496 (PUT of {} succeeds)
  • #491 (Falsy existing values are handled as if there is no existing value)
  • #271 (Defaults return before None when both are valid)
  • #501 (PATCHes not containing existing fields can fail)
mitar commented Jun 6, 2012

I have some code here which fixes (some of) those problems for me.


Any tests to go along with that code?

mitar commented Jun 6, 2012

Yes. BTW, there is an issue I opened exactly because of this, #498. Because I found so many edge cases to test, that it would be really great to have some backend agnostic, only through HTTP protocol, test suite.


I've used a variation of @boronine's workaround.

lsapan commented Jan 29, 2015

Obviously this is an old issue, but it's worth mentioning that this no longer seems to be an issue.


Most of the related issues have been fixed, the rest have been added to milestones. Closing. Thanks for reporting!

@SeanHayes SeanHayes closed this Feb 12, 2016
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