Allow exceptions to bubble when views are called from tests #356

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pelme commented Feb 6, 2012

Tastypie overrides Djangos error handling. Normally, when a Django view raises an uncaught exception in a test case, an Error is reported, and the complete traceback is printed after the test run.

Tastypie handles this in a special way, and responds with a properly serialized HTTP 500 response for internal errors.

However, this is not very useful when running tests. After the test run, it is much easier to debug the actual error if tastypie does not return it's special HTTP 500 response, but instead let the exception bubble up and make the test error.

All tests pass.

wunki commented Mar 22, 2012

Would love seeing this merged! Helped me a lot.


toastdriven commented Apr 27, 2012

Thanks. After I added some tests, merged in SHA: a94ed3b

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