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This is some initial work on dealing with #307.

The first issue when sending deeply nested data is that a ToManys on a related resource would send a list to the orm for filtering, throwing a TypeError. This patch catches that, and will attempt a pk lookup instead.

Next, any ToManys that are nested would not be saved in save_m2m. This is handled via another hydrate_m2m + save_m2m after saving each object in the ToMany

I'm opening up this pull request now for review and ideas for more test cases.

joshbohde added some commits Nov 20, 2011
@joshbohde joshbohde Test for FieldError being generated when sending `resource_uri` in a …
…related resource.
@joshbohde joshbohde Failing test for #307
Let's say we have 3 resources, A, B, and C, where A has a ToMany to B and B has a ToMany to C.

When creating or updating on A where the list of Bs is full (not a list of resource_uris), the list of Cs is passed to the ORM as a filter, which triggers a TypeError.
@joshbohde joshbohde Cleanup print statement in test. 9cd75e5
@joshbohde joshbohde Catch the type error, and proceed to pk lookup.
Unfortunately, this causes a Django "DoesNotExist" in "./../tastypie/", line 56
@joshbohde joshbohde Fix improper setup of tests that was causing more issues. b6512bd
@joshbohde joshbohde Failing test for data not saving in nested levels. a3cc0a3
@joshbohde joshbohde I shouldn't copy-paste code. 4de115a
@joshbohde joshbohde Get the tests passing. 9019a32

I'm actually working on this same region of code for #332 (& the security fixes). I have something slightly different, though functionally the same in mind. Mind if I steal the tests?


Steal away.


If you still want to steal these tests, I refactored and expanded them to test each individual combination of ToOne and ToMany separately.


Did you get nested elements to work with this pull?


Stolen into the perms branch, though the tests aren't passing yet. Still working on that. Thanks!

@achur achur referenced this pull request Jun 26, 2012

Generic relations #191


I dont understand why this is a fix because it does not account for form validation which means null values would get saved or am i missing something?


Fixed as of SHA: d850758

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