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release_notes PUT response code correction
Makefile Add texinfo target to docs makefile
api.rst Renamed ``override_urls`` to ``prepend_urls`` & deprecated the old me…
authentication.rst Included note re: syncdb when using ApiKey model. Closes #909.
authorization.rst Typo
caching.rst Update the SimpleCache implementation and docs to be up-to-date with …
compatibility_notes.rst Spelling fix in the compatibility notes. Thanks to dgerzo for the eag…
content_types.rst Update content_types.rst
contributing.rst Fixed a typo in the contributing guidelines.
cookbook.rst Update cookbook.rst
debugging.rst BACKWARD-INCOMPATIBLE: Tastypie now supports much more granular autho…
fields.rst Added the ability to control full dehydration of related resources ba…
geodjango.rst Added geospatial support!
index.rst Fixed a typo in index.rst.
interacting.rst Added PATCH examples to docs. Thanks to @ryanisnan for the report.
non_orm_data_sources.rst Docs: update non-ORM example to match Resource
paginator.rst Update docs/paginator.rst with a warning and an example solution, to …
python3.rst Update python3.rst
resources.rst Update PUT response codes
serialization.rst Update serialization.rst
settings.rst Adds iso-8601-strict to TASTYPIE_DATETIME_FORMATTING options to outpu…
testing.rst Added Travis CI Support
throttling.rst adds double `` for markdown
toc.rst Added Python 3 docs.
tools.rst Fix broken doctests
tutorial.rst Replacing "it's" with "its" in two places.
validation.rst Fixed typo, should be CleanedDataFormValidation.
who_uses.rst Update who_uses.rst
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