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Replace with python importlib

Warning: django.utils.importlib will be removed in Django 1.9.
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contrib Got gis tests passing on postgis.
management Django 1.7: Lazy loading of User model in management command
migrations Django 1.7: migrations
south_migrations Django 1.7: migrations
templates/tastypie basic.html template fix
utils Fixed a bug where ```` could toss an excep… Starting the next dev cycle. Started the Py3 port. Removed some legacy parts of the codebase that were supporting old ve… Small optimization of `extract_credentials` method Django 1.8 compatibility Started the Py3 port. Merge pull request #1001 from mattdeboard/simplecache Django 1.8 compatibility Started the Py3 port. Started the Py3 port. Replace with python importlib Started the Py3 port. Django 1.7: Fix ApiAccess __unicode__ for py3 Pagination changes for Py3. Merge pull request #1274 from django-tastypie/django-1.8 Merge pull request #286 from malcolmt/mutable-default-fix assertHttpAccepted produces better error message Make CacheThrottle work with DummyCache Started the Py3 port.
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