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Roadmap to RC1...


  • Notification system Almost done (email notifications)
  • Circuit Editor plugin
  • Example plugin
  • Spam protection / Bot editing detection. Don't let anyone edit more than once every other minute.
  • Key-value meta data
  • Searching
  • "Are you sure you want to leave this page" confirmation for Edit page.
  • Finish all class-based views
  • Embeddable article template tag
  • "Fix Wiki URL bug in the footnotes plugin for python-markdown" ?
  • CodeMirror to be distributed with default setup

Management script

  • Cleanup deleted Image's image files
  • Cleanup attachments
  • Cleanup revisions + plugin revisions
  • django_notify: send out email notifications


  • Implement notifications, revision log messages and user messages thoroughly Pretty much done
  • View source for read-only articles + locked status Done
  • Index views for urlpaths Done
  • Permission system in settings tab Done
  • Special view for deleted articles w/ restore button Done
  • Article deletion Done
  • Image plugin Done
  • Attachment plugin Done
  • Simple user account handling: login/register etc. Done
  • South migrations Done
  • Custom storage engine for attachments Done
  • Handling WikiLinks and detecting broken links in markdown extension Done


  • Build menus of hierarchies and use bootstrap scrollspy. Add through plugin.
  • Notification system should be it's own separate app
  • Statistics page for wiki owners
  • Table plugin: Quickly add a row of data to an existing table and sort data.
  • Auto-merge for conflicting concurrent revisions DONE
  • Add revision conflict detection for concurrent editing DONE
  • Make a comments plugin for commenting inline


  • Make dependency on django_notify optional
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