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If you are a developer, please refer to the Developer Guide



Django-wiki is community based, please try to be active. If you want help, plan to give help, too. For instance, if you join IRC, then stay around and help others.


Contributions are appreciated! The following guide is a rough draft, but please feel free to contribute to this contribution doc as well :D

When submitting an Issue, please provide the following:

  • If it's a feature request, then write why you want it, but also which other cases you find it useful for. Best way to get a new feature made by others is to motivate.
    • Think about challenges.
    • Have you read the Manifesto (below) ? New features should maintain the focus of the project.
  • If you encounter a bug, keep in mind that it's probably easiest to fix if a developer sat in front of your computer... but in lack of that option:
    • --version
    • python --version
    • uname -a
    • An example of how to reproduce the bug.
    • The expected result.
    • Does the bug happen with a checkout of django-wiki's master branch? To upgrade: pip install --upgrade git+


Django needs a mature wiki system appealing to all kinds of needs, both big and small:

  • Be pluggable and light-weight. Don't integrate optional features in the core.
  • Be open. Make an extension API that allows the ecology of the wiki to grow. After all, Wikipedia consists of some 680 extensions written for MediaWiki.
  • Be smart. This is the map of tables in MediaWiki - we'll understand the choices of other wiki projects and make our own. After-all, this is a Django project.
  • Be simple. The source code should almost explain itself.
  • Be structured. Markdown is a simple syntax for readability. Features should be implemented either through easy coding patterns in the content field, but rather stored in a structured way (in the database) and managed through a friendly interface. This gives control back to the website developer, and makes knowledge more usable. Just ask: Why has Wikipedia never changed? Answer: Because it's knowledge is stored in a complicated way, thus it becomes very static.