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from django.db import connection
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
except NameError:
from sets import Set as set # Python 2.3 fallback
class ModelBackend(object):
Authenticate against django.contrib.auth.models.User
# TODO: Model, login attribute name and password attribute name should be
# configurable.
def authenticate(self, username=None, password=None):
user = User.objects.get(username=username)
if user.check_password(password):
return user
except User.DoesNotExist:
return None
def get_group_permissions(self, user_obj):
"Returns a list of permission strings that this user has through his/her groups."
if not hasattr(user_obj, '_group_perm_cache'):
cursor = connection.cursor()
# The SQL below works out to the following, after DB quoting:
# cursor.execute("""
# SELECT ct."app_label", p."codename"
# FROM "auth_permission" p, "auth_group_permissions" gp, "auth_user_groups" ug, "django_content_type" ct
# WHERE p."id" = gp."permission_id"
# AND gp."group_id" = ug."group_id"
# AND ct."id" = p."content_type_id"
# AND ug."user_id" = %s, [])
qn = connection.ops.quote_name
sql = """
SELECT ct.%s, p.%s
FROM %s p, %s gp, %s ug, %s ct
WHERE p.%s = gp.%s
AND gp.%s = ug.%s
AND ct.%s = p.%s
AND ug.%s = %%s""" % (
qn('app_label'), qn('codename'),
qn('auth_permission'), qn('auth_group_permissions'),
qn('auth_user_groups'), qn('django_content_type'),
qn('id'), qn('permission_id'),
qn('group_id'), qn('group_id'),
qn('id'), qn('content_type_id'),
cursor.execute(sql, [])
user_obj._group_perm_cache = set(["%s.%s" % (row[0], row[1]) for row in cursor.fetchall()])
return user_obj._group_perm_cache
def get_all_permissions(self, user_obj):
if not hasattr(user_obj, '_perm_cache'):
user_obj._perm_cache = set([u"%s.%s" % (p.content_type.app_label, p.codename) for p in user_obj.user_permissions.select_related()])
return user_obj._perm_cache
def has_perm(self, user_obj, perm):
return perm in self.get_all_permissions(user_obj)
def has_module_perms(self, user_obj, app_label):
return bool(len([p for p in self.get_all_permissions(user_obj) if p[:p.index('.')] == app_label]))
def get_user(self, user_id):
return User.objects.get(pk=user_id)
except User.DoesNotExist:
return None
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