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Django was originally created in late 2003 at World Online, the Web division
of the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas.
The PRIMARY AUTHORS are (and/or have been):
Adrian Holovaty <>, who originally created Django with
Simon and currently oversees things with Jacob.
Simon Willison <>, who originally created Django with
Adrian during his year-long internship/placement at World Online and currently
helps from the sidelines.
Jacob Kaplan-Moss <>, who joined the team shortly
before Simon departed and currently oversees things with Adrian.
Wilson Miner <>, who designed Django's admin
interface, pretty error pages, official Web site ( and has
made many other contributions. He makes us look good.
Malcolm Tredinnick <>, who has made
significant contributions to all levels of the framework, from its database
layer to template system and documentation.
Georg "Hugo" Bauer <>, who added
internationalization support, manages i18n contributions and has made a ton
of excellent tweaks, feature additions and bug fixes.
Luke Plant <>, who has contributed many excellent
improvements, including database-level improvements, the CSRF middleware and
unit tests.
Russell Keith-Magee <>, who has contributed many excellent
improvements, including refactoring of the Django ORM code and unit tests.
Robert Wittams <>, who majorly refactored the Django
admin application to allow for easier reuse and has made a ton of excellent
tweaks, feature additions and bug fixes.
And here is an inevitably incomplete list of MUCH-APPRECIATED CONTRIBUTORS --
people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations, helped
answer newbie questions, and generally made Django that much better:
David Ascher <>
Arthur <>
Jiri Barton
Ned Batchelder <>
Shannon -jj Behrens <>
Esdras Beleza <>
James Bennett
Paul Bissex <>
Simon Blanchard
Andrew Brehaut <>
Antonio Cavedoni <>
Chris Chamberlin <>
Amit Chakradeo <>
Ian Clelland <>
Matt Croydon <>
Jonathan Daugherty (cygnus) <>
Jason Davies (Esaj) <>
Alex Dedul
Maximillian Dornseif <>
Jeremy Dunck <>
Andy Dustman <>
Clint Ecker
Enrico <>
Baishampayan Ghose
Simon Greenhill <>
Espen Grindhaug <>
Brant Harris
Joel Heenan <>
Ian Holsman <>
Kieran Holland <>
Robert Rock Howard <>
Jason Huggins <>
Baurzhan Ismagulov <>
Michael Josephson <>
Garth Kidd <>
kilian <>
Sune Kirkeby <>
Cameron Knight (ckknight)
Meir Kriheli <>
Bruce Kroeze <>
Joseph Kocherhans
Stuart Langridge <>
Eugene Lazutkin <>
Jeong-Min Lee <>
Christopher Lenz <>
Martin Maney <>
Petar Marić
Jason McBrayer <>
Eric Moritz <>
Robin Munn <>
Nebojša Dorđević
Fraser Nevett <>
Sam Newman <>
Neal Norwitz <>
oggie rob <>
Jay Parlar <>
phaedo <>
Gustavo Picon
Luke Plant <>
Daniel Poelzleithner <>
J. Rademaker
Michael Radziej <>
Brian Ray <>
Oliver Rutherfurd <>
Ivan Sagalaev (Maniac) <>
David Schein
Pete Shinners <>
SmileyChris <>
Thomas Steinacher <>
nowell strite
Radek Švarz <>
Swaroop C H <>
Aaron Swartz <>
Tyson Tate <>
Tom Tobin
Tom Insam
Joe Topjian <>
Karen Tracey <>
Amit Upadhyay
Geert Vanderkelen
Milton Waddams
Dan Watson <>
Rachel Willmer <>
Gary Wilson <>
Cheng Zhang
A big THANK YOU goes to:
Rob Curley and Ralph Gage for letting us open-source Django.
Frank Wiles for making excellent arguments for open-sourcing, and for
his sage sysadmin advice.
Ian Bicking for convincing Adrian to ditch code generation.
Mark Pilgrim for
Guido van Rossum for creating Python.
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