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Django FAQ
The admin site is ugly! How can I change it?
We think it's very purty, but if you don't agree you can modify the admin site's
presentation by editing the CSS stylesheet and/or associated image files. The
site is built using semantic HTML, so any changes you'd like to make should be
possible by editing the CSS stylesheet. We've got a `guide to the CSS used
in the admin`_ to get you started.
.. _`guide to the CSS used in the admin`:
How do you pronounce "Django"?
According to Wikipedia_, "Django is pronounced **zhane**-go (with a long 'a')."
.. _Wikipedia:
Is Django stable?
We've been using Django for almost two years. Sites built on Django have
weathered traffic spikes of over one million hits an hour, and at least
one slashdotting. Yes; it's quite stable.
Who's behind this?
`Adrian Holovaty`_
`Simon Willison`_
`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`_
`Wilson Miner`_.
.. _`Adrian Holovaty`:
.. _`Simon Willison`:
.. _`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`:
.. _`Wilson Miner`:
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