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from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.sessions.backends.base import CreateError, SessionBase, UpdateError
from django.core.cache import caches
KEY_PREFIX = "django.contrib.sessions.cache"
class SessionStore(SessionBase):
A cache-based session store.
cache_key_prefix = KEY_PREFIX
def __init__(self, session_key=None):
self._cache = caches[settings.SESSION_CACHE_ALIAS]
def cache_key(self):
return self.cache_key_prefix + self._get_or_create_session_key()
def load(self):
session_data = self._cache.get(self.cache_key)
except Exception:
# Some backends (e.g. memcache) raise an exception on invalid
# cache keys. If this happens, reset the session. See #17810.
session_data = None
if session_data is not None:
return session_data
self._session_key = None
return {}
def create(self):
# Because a cache can fail silently (e.g. memcache), we don't know if
# we are failing to create a new session because of a key collision or
# because the cache is missing. So we try for a (large) number of times
# and then raise an exception. That's the risk you shoulder if using
# cache backing.
for i in range(10000):
self._session_key = self._get_new_session_key()
except CreateError:
self.modified = True
raise RuntimeError(
"Unable to create a new session key. "
"It is likely that the cache is unavailable."
def save(self, must_create=False):
if self.session_key is None:
return self.create()
if must_create:
func = self._cache.add
elif self._cache.get(self.cache_key) is not None:
func = self._cache.set
raise UpdateError
result = func(
if must_create and not result:
raise CreateError
def exists(self, session_key):
return (
bool(session_key) and (self.cache_key_prefix + session_key) in self._cache
def delete(self, session_key=None):
if session_key is None:
if self.session_key is None:
session_key = self.session_key
self._cache.delete(self.cache_key_prefix + session_key)
def clear_expired(cls):