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import json
from django import template
from django.template.context import Context
register = template.Library()
@register.inclusion_tag('admin/prepopulated_fields_js.html', takes_context=True)
def prepopulated_fields_js(context):
Create a list of prepopulated_fields that should render Javascript for
the prepopulated fields for both the admin form and inlines.
prepopulated_fields = []
if 'adminform' in context:
if 'inline_admin_formsets' in context:
for inline_admin_formset in context['inline_admin_formsets']:
for inline_admin_form in inline_admin_formset:
if inline_admin_form.original is None:
prepopulated_fields_json = []
for field in prepopulated_fields:
"id": "#%s" % field["field"].auto_id,
"name": field["field"].name,
"dependency_ids": ["#%s" % dependency.auto_id for dependency in field["dependencies"]],
"dependency_list": [ for dependency in field["dependencies"]],
"maxLength": field["field"].field.max_length or 50,
"allowUnicode": getattr(field["field"].field, "allow_unicode", False)
'prepopulated_fields': prepopulated_fields,
'prepopulated_fields_json': json.dumps(prepopulated_fields_json),
return context
@register.inclusion_tag('admin/submit_line.html', takes_context=True)
def submit_row(context):
Display the row of buttons for delete and save.
change = context['change']
is_popup = context['is_popup']
save_as = context['save_as']
show_save = context.get('show_save', True)
show_save_and_continue = context.get('show_save_and_continue', True)
ctx = Context(context)
'show_delete_link': (
not is_popup and context['has_delete_permission'] and
change and context.get('show_delete', True)
'show_save_as_new': not is_popup and change and save_as,
'show_save_and_add_another': (
context['has_add_permission'] and not is_popup and
(not save_as or context['add'])
'show_save_and_continue': not is_popup and context['has_change_permission'] and show_save_and_continue,
'show_save': show_save,
return ctx
def cell_count(inline_admin_form):
"""Return the number of cells used in a tabular inline."""
count = 1 # Hidden cell with hidden 'id' field
for fieldset in inline_admin_form:
# Loop through all the fields (one per cell)
for line in fieldset:
for field in line:
count += 1
if inline_admin_form.formset.can_delete:
# Delete checkbox
count += 1
return count