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from django.contrib.gis.db.backends.base.adapter import WKTAdapter
from django.contrib.gis.db.backends.base.operations import \
from django.contrib.gis.db.backends.utils import SpatialOperator
from django.contrib.gis.db.models import aggregates
from django.db.backends.mysql.operations import DatabaseOperations
from django.utils.functional import cached_property
class MySQLOperations(BaseSpatialOperations, DatabaseOperations):
mysql = True
name = 'mysql'
select = 'AsText(%s)'
from_wkb = 'GeomFromWKB'
from_text = 'GeomFromText'
Adapter = WKTAdapter
Adaptor = Adapter # Backwards-compatibility alias.
gis_operators = {
'bbcontains': SpatialOperator(func='MBRContains'), # For consistency w/PostGIS API
'bboverlaps': SpatialOperator(func='MBROverlaps'), # .. ..
'contained': SpatialOperator(func='MBRWithin'), # .. ..
'contains': SpatialOperator(func='MBRContains'),
'disjoint': SpatialOperator(func='MBRDisjoint'),
'equals': SpatialOperator(func='MBREqual'),
'exact': SpatialOperator(func='MBREqual'),
'intersects': SpatialOperator(func='MBRIntersects'),
'overlaps': SpatialOperator(func='MBROverlaps'),
'same_as': SpatialOperator(func='MBREqual'),
'touches': SpatialOperator(func='MBRTouches'),
'within': SpatialOperator(func='MBRWithin'),
function_names = {
'Difference': 'ST_Difference',
'Distance': 'ST_Distance',
'Intersection': 'ST_Intersection',
'Length': 'GLength',
'SymDifference': 'ST_SymDifference',
'Union': 'ST_Union',
disallowed_aggregates = (
aggregates.Collect, aggregates.Extent, aggregates.Extent3D,
aggregates.MakeLine, aggregates.Union,
def unsupported_functions(self):
unsupported = {
'AsGeoJSON', 'AsGML', 'AsKML', 'AsSVG', 'BoundingCircle',
'ForceRHR', 'GeoHash', 'MemSize',
'Perimeter', 'PointOnSurface', 'Reverse', 'Scale', 'SnapToGrid',
'Transform', 'Translate',
if self.connection.mysql_version < (5, 6, 1):
unsupported.update({'Difference', 'Distance', 'Intersection', 'SymDifference', 'Union'})
return unsupported
def geo_db_type(self, f):
return f.geom_type
def get_geom_placeholder(self, f, value, compiler):
The placeholder here has to include MySQL's WKT constructor. Because
MySQL does not support spatial transformations, there is no need to
modify the placeholder based on the contents of the given value.
if hasattr(value, 'as_sql'):
placeholder, _ = compiler.compile(value)
placeholder = '%s(%%s)' % self.from_text
return placeholder
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