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Creates the default Site object.
from django.apps import apps as global_apps
from django.conf import settings
from import no_style
from django.db import DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS, connections, router
def create_default_site(app_config, verbosity=2, interactive=True, using=DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS, apps=global_apps, **kwargs):
Site = apps.get_model('sites', 'Site')
except LookupError:
if not router.allow_migrate_model(using, Site):
if not Site.objects.using(using).exists():
# The default settings set SITE_ID = 1, and some tests in Django's test
# suite rely on this value. However, if database sequences are reused
# (e.g. in the test suite after flush/syncdb), it isn't guaranteed that
# the next id will be 1, so we coerce it. See #15573 and #16353. This
# can also crop up outside of tests - see #15346.
if verbosity >= 2:
print("Creating Site object")
Site(pk=getattr(settings, 'SITE_ID', 1), domain="", name="").save(using=using)
# We set an explicit pk instead of relying on auto-incrementation,
# so we need to reset the database sequence. See #17415.
sequence_sql = connections[using].ops.sequence_reset_sql(no_style(), [Site])
if sequence_sql:
if verbosity >= 2:
print("Resetting sequence")
with connections[using].cursor() as cursor:
for command in sequence_sql: