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Django Unit Test and Doctest framework.
from django.test.client import Client, RequestFactory
from django.test.testcases import (
LiveServerTestCase, SimpleTestCase, TestCase, TransactionTestCase,
skipIfDBFeature, skipUnlessAnyDBFeature, skipUnlessDBFeature,
from django.test.utils import (
ignore_warnings, modify_settings, override_settings,
override_system_checks, tag,
__all__ = [
'Client', 'RequestFactory', 'TestCase', 'TransactionTestCase',
'SimpleTestCase', 'LiveServerTestCase', 'skipIfDBFeature',
'skipUnlessAnyDBFeature', 'skipUnlessDBFeature', 'ignore_warnings',
'modify_settings', 'override_settings', 'override_system_checks', 'tag',
# To simplify Django's test suite; not meant as a public API
from unittest import mock # NOQA
except ImportError:
import mock # NOQA
except ImportError:
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