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import ipaddress
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _
def clean_ipv6_address(ip_str, unpack_ipv4=False,
error_message=_("This is not a valid IPv6 address.")):
Clean an IPv6 address string.
Raise ValidationError if the address is invalid.
Replace the longest continuous zero-sequence with "::", remove leading
zeroes, and make sure all hextets are lowercase.
ip_str: A valid IPv6 address.
unpack_ipv4: if an IPv4-mapped address is found,
return the plain IPv4 address (default=False).
error_message: An error message used in the ValidationError.
Return a compressed IPv6 address or the same value.
addr = ipaddress.IPv6Address(int(ipaddress.IPv6Address(ip_str)))
except ValueError:
raise ValidationError(error_message, code='invalid')
if unpack_ipv4 and addr.ipv4_mapped:
return str(addr.ipv4_mapped)
elif addr.ipv4_mapped:
return '::ffff:%s' % str(addr.ipv4_mapped)
return str(addr)
def is_valid_ipv6_address(ip_str):
Return whether or not the `ip_str` string is a valid IPv6 address.
except ValueError:
return False
return True