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# These are versions of the functions in django.utils.translation.trans_real
# that don't actually do anything. This is purely for performance, so that
# settings.USE_I18N = False can use this module rather than
from django.conf import settings
from django.utils.encoding import force_text
def ngettext(singular, plural, number):
if number == 1:
return singular
return plural
ngettext_lazy = ngettext
def ungettext(singular, plural, number):
return force_text(ngettext(singular, plural, number))
def pgettext(context, message):
return ugettext(message)
def npgettext(context, singular, plural, number):
return ungettext(singular, plural, number)
def activate(x):
return None
def deactivate():
return None
deactivate_all = deactivate
def get_language():
return settings.LANGUAGE_CODE
def get_language_bidi():
return settings.LANGUAGE_CODE in settings.LANGUAGES_BIDI
def check_for_language(x):
return True
def gettext(message):
return message
def ugettext(message):
return force_text(gettext(message))
gettext_noop = gettext_lazy = _ = gettext
def to_locale(language):
p = language.find('-')
if p >= 0:
return language[:p].lower() + '_' + language[p + 1:].upper()
return language.lower()
def get_language_from_request(request, check_path=False):
return settings.LANGUAGE_CODE
def get_language_from_path(request):
return None