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from django.contrib.gis.db import models
from ..utils import gisfield_may_be_null
class NamedModel(models.Model):
name = models.CharField(max_length=30)
class Meta:
abstract = True
def __str__(self):
class SouthTexasCity(NamedModel):
"City model on projected coordinate system for South Texas."
point = models.PointField(srid=32140)
radius = models.IntegerField(default=10000)
class SouthTexasCityFt(NamedModel):
"Same City model as above, but U.S. survey feet are the units."
point = models.PointField(srid=2278)
class AustraliaCity(NamedModel):
"City model for Australia, using WGS84."
point = models.PointField()
radius = models.IntegerField(default=10000)
allowed_distance = models.FloatField(default=0.5)
class CensusZipcode(NamedModel):
"Model for a few South Texas ZIP codes (in original Census NAD83)."
poly = models.PolygonField(srid=4269)
class SouthTexasZipcode(NamedModel):
"Model for a few South Texas ZIP codes."
poly = models.PolygonField(srid=32140, null=gisfield_may_be_null)
class Interstate(NamedModel):
"Geodetic model for U.S. Interstates."
path = models.LineStringField()
class SouthTexasInterstate(NamedModel):
"Projected model for South Texas Interstates."
path = models.LineStringField(srid=32140)
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