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Fixed #20409 -- Clarified how unique_for_date works when USE_TZ is set.

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1 parent be9930d commit 01edcf70f2911b1953b7789bda18d2498fc73bd0 @aaugustin aaugustin committed Sep 7, 2013
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@@ -291,7 +291,9 @@ For example, if you have a field ``title`` that has
records with the same ``title`` and ``pub_date``.
Note that if you set this to point to a :class:`DateTimeField`, only the date
-portion of the field will be considered.
+portion of the field will be considered. Besides, when :setting:`USE_TZ` is
+``True``, the check will be performed in the :ref:`current time zone
+<default-current-time-zone>` at the time the object gets saved.
This is enforced by :meth:`Model.validate_unique()` during model validation
but not at the database level. If any :attr:`~Field.unique_for_date` constraint

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