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Fixed some markup that caused broken links in the static files docs.

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1 parent c3fdeb2 commit 03395b4277f3bcd52d5582041b5ea84dcffc1015 @timgraham timgraham committed Jan 22, 2014
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4 docs/ref/contrib/staticfiles.txt
@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ storage backend that uses the :setting:`STATIC_ROOT` setting as the base
file system location and the :setting:`STATIC_URL` setting respectively
as the base URL.
-.. method:: post_process(paths, **options)
+.. method:: storage.StaticFilesStorage.post_process(paths, **options)
This method is called by the :djadmin:`collectstatic` management command
after each run and gets passed the local storages and paths of found
@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ hashed names for all processed files in a file called ``staticfiles.json``.
This happens once when you run the :djadmin:`collectstatic` management
-.. method:: file_hash(name, content=None)
+.. method:: storage.ManifestStaticFilesStorage.file_hash(name, content=None)
The method that is used when creating the hashed name of a file.
Needs to return a hash for the given file name and content.

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