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@@ -267,6 +267,23 @@ If you're sure your username and password are correct, make sure your user
account has ``is_active`` and ``is_staff`` set to True. The admin site only
allows access to users with those two fields both set to True.
+How can I customize the functionality of the admin interface?
+You've got several options. If you want to piggyback on top of an add/change
+form that Django automatically generates, you can attach arbitrary JavaScript
+modules to the page via the model's ``admin.js`` parameter. That parameter is
+a list of URLs, as strings, pointing to JavaScript modules that will be
+included within the admin form via a <script> tag.
+If you want more flexibility than simply tweaking the auto-generated forms,
+feel free to write custom views for the admin. The admin is powered by Django
+itself, and you can write custom views that hook into the authentication
+system, check permissions and do whatever else they need to do.
+If you want to customize the look-and-feel of the admin interface, read the
+next question.
The dynamically-generated admin site is ugly! How can I change it?

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