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.. _mod_perl:
.. _mod_python documentation:
+Serving media files
+Django doesn't serve media files itself. It'd be inefficient to flow media
+files through a (relatively) complex framework when much, much more well-tuned
+solutions are better.
+We recommend using a separate Web server for serving media. Here are some good
+* lighttpd_
+* TUX_
+* A stripped-down version of Apache_
+If, however, you have no option but to serve media files on the same Apache
+``VirtualHost`` as Django, here's how you can turn off mod_python for a
+particular part of the site::
+ <Location "/media/">
+ SetHandler None
+ </Location>
+Just change ``Location`` to the root URL of your media files.
+.. _lighttpd:
+.. _TUX:
+.. _Apache:

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