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Added myself to the committers list, finally.

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.. _CCBV:
+Shai Berger
+ Shai started working with Python back in 1998, and with Django just
+ before 1.0. He is a Free Software enthusiast, but life happens, and
+ he was driven by consulting gigs to contribute to the Oracle and
+ SQL Server backends of South, and then the Oracle backend of Django
+ itself. Finally, he joined core to help maintain the Oracle backend.
+ Shai works for `Platonix`_, a small consulting company he started
+ with a few friends in 1996, and lives near Tel Aviv, Israel.
+ .. _Platonix:
Baptiste Mispelon
Baptiste discovered Django around the 1.2 version and promptly switched away
from his homegrown PHP framework. He started getting more involved in the

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