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Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development
and clean, pragmatic design.
+This is the Django 0.91 "bugfixes" branch, which is inetnded to provide
+bugfix and patch support for users of Django version 0.91, which was
+the last version before a series of major API changes. No new features
+will be added in this branch, and it is maintained solely as a means
+of providing support to legacy Django installations. If you're just
+starting out with Django, we highly recommend that you use the latest
+stable release or a Subversion checkout from Django's trunk.
All documentation is in the "docs" directory and online at
- If you're just getting started,
+ If you're just getting started,
here's how we recommend you read the docs:
* First, read docs/install.txt for instructions on installing Django.

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