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…n docs. Thanks to Ramiro Morales for the report and patch.

Backport of r13144 from trunk.

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@@ -393,8 +393,8 @@ Submitting and maintaining translations
Various parts of Django, such as the admin site and validation error messages,
are internationalized. This means they display different text depending on a
user's language setting. For this, Django uses the same internationalization
-infrastructure that is available to Django applications that is described
-in the :ref:`i18n documentation<topics-i18n>`.
+infrastructure available to Django applications described in the
+:ref:`i18n documentation<topics-i18n>`.
These translations are contributed by Django users worldwide. If you find an
incorrect translation, or if you'd like to add a language that isn't yet
@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ Language
Feeds created by the syndication framework automatically include the
appropriate ``<language>`` tag (RSS 2.0) or ``xml:lang`` attribute (Atom). This
-comes directly from your :setting:`LANGUAGE_CODE setting`.
+comes directly from your :setting:`LANGUAGE_CODE` setting.
@@ -112,8 +112,6 @@ Notes:
selection to German and English (and any sublanguage, like de-ch or
- .. _LANGUAGES setting: ../settings/#languages
* If you define a custom ``LANGUAGES`` setting, as explained in the
previous bullet, it's OK to mark the languages as translation strings
-- but use a "dummy" ``ugettext()`` function, not the one in

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