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@@ -387,15 +387,14 @@ separate the pieces with ``and``::
This is {{ book_t }} by {{ author_t }}
{% endblocktrans %}
-This tag is also in charge of handling another functionality: Pluralization.
-To make use of it you should:
+This tag also provides for pluralization. To use it:
- * Designate and bind a counter value by using ``count``, such value will
+ * Designate and bind a counter value with the name ``count``. This value will
be the one used to select the right plural form.
* Specify both the singular and plural forms separating them with the
- ``{% plural %}`` tag, which appears within ``{% blocktrans %}`` and
- ``{% endblocktrans %}``.
+ ``{% plural %}`` tag within the ``{% blocktrans %}`` and
+ ``{% endblocktrans %}`` tags.
An example::
@@ -414,7 +413,7 @@ A more complex example::
{% endblocktrans %}
When you both use the pluralization feature and bind values to local variables
-in addition to the counter value, have in mind that the ``blocktrans``
+in addition to the counter value, keep in mind that the ``blocktrans``
construct is internally converted to an ``ungettext`` call. This means the
same :ref:`notes regarding ungettext variables <pluralization-var-notes>`

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