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GDAL docstring tweaks.

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1 parent ec1aad1 commit 08eb54ae711ec087457333a259a7861eb5b39063 @jbronn jbronn committed
3  django/contrib/gis/gdal/
@@ -24,8 +24,7 @@ class Feature(GDALBase):
#### Python 'magic' routines ####
def __init__(self, feat, layer):
- Initializes on the feature pointers for the feature and the layer
- definition, as well as the Layer.
+ Initializes Feature from a pointer and its Layer object.
if not feat:
raise OGRException('Cannot create OGR Feature, invalid pointer given.')
3  django/contrib/gis/gdal/tests/
@@ -126,8 +126,7 @@ def test03b_layer_slice(self):
def test03c_layer_references(self):
- Test to make sure Layer/Feature access is still available without
- the DataSource/Feature.
+ Ensure OGR objects keep references to the objects they belong to.
source = ds_list[0]

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